*** Please read this notice about shipping charges and VAT if your delivery address is outside the U.K. ***

LiPo Shipping

Lithium cells and batteries, no matter how small, are treated as dangerous goods by Royal Mail and other carriers. There is a Royal Mail rule that allows Lithium based cells and batteries to be sent via UK post in small quantities if the package also contains an electronic device (e.g. receiver or ESC) that uses the cells. However, Royal Mail inspectors appear to have flexibility in how they interpret this rule and we had several packages intercepted and the batteries destroyed. This was despite the package content conforming to the rule.

International shippers who handle Lithium cells require evidence of the sender's dangerous goods training. Micron does not sell enough Lithium cells to justify the cost of this training.

So, we have had to change how we send batteries. Our policy is that Lithium cells and batteries can be sent only to UK mainland destinations using a courier service. In most cases, the shipping cost is the same as the standard charge added to the shopping cart.

As we use the simple Paypal shopping cart, the shipping charge is derived from the order value and, in some cases is less than the cost for courier shipping. If the additional shipping cost exceeds the amount of post/packing charge added to the shopping cart, we will contact you via email to advise of the additional cost. If you decide that the shipping cost is too high we can either cancel your order or remove the Lithium batteries from the order and send the remaining items via Royal Mail.

Another consequence of the Paypal shopping cart is that we have no control over the checkout process. It is possible to submit an order for a delivery address outside the U.K. We will contact you by email to discuss whether you want to cancel the order or have the Lithium batteries removed from the order.

When an order is cancelled or Lithium batteries are removed from an order, a refund will be made less any non-recoverable Paypal transaction charges or fees.

Please contact us if you wish to know the exact shipping cost before placing an order.

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