Sound Modules

A selection of synthesised sound modules for model boats and rail. Suitable speakers are on a separate page.

Both sound modules have 1 or more trigger inputs (horn, whistle, etc). This may be connected to the P output of a Deltang receiver via a 4k7 ohm resistor to limit the current when the P output is on (3.3 or 3.5V, depending on receiver). The sound card inputs are 5V when the trigger is open circuit (off) and lower resistor values will exceed the microprocessor's maximum over-voltage current. Configure the P output to be high when off and low (0V) when the sound is to be triggered.

Mtroniks digiSound

The Mtroniks digiSound modules are 100% waterproof, plug-n-play sound module designed to take the hassle out of giving your model a realistic sound. Primarily designed for R/C boats, the sounds are also appropriate for small diesel rail locomotives.

The sound module has an input voltage range of 6V - 12V and requires NO programming or set up. It comes with a realistic sound pre-installed leaving just the installation to complete before you can get under way. The unit comes complete with built in amplifier, wiring loom and a 80.0mm diameter waterproof speaker (83mm sq mounting plate). You simply install the unit in your model and go.

Micron stocks 4 versions of the digiSound module and you can hear a sample of the sound by clicking on the link:

The module has inputs for start/stop of the engine sound and for sounding a horn - both of these are simple short-to-ground type inputs so can be easily switched using Micron MR603 receiver 'F' outputs. An external FET switch will be required for other receivers as the digiSound trigger input draws too much current for 'P' outputs.

Dimensions: 40mm x 35mm x 15mm. The connectors are on the top of the module and this increases the height to approx 30mm with the supplied plug and wiring harness. The overall height can be reduced to approx 20mm by carefully bending the header pins on the module through 90°.

The included 80mm speaker is dust and water proof so it is safe to use outside. However , it is too large for most railway scales, we have a selection of smaller speakers that can be used singly or in combination to fit the space available in a loco or trailing van/coach.

You should always install your speaker into a suitable enclosure to ensure the best power handling, frequency and bass response. The sound volume can be adjusted using a small screwdriver. The digiSound instruction manual contains helpful information on installation and use.

MyLocoSound Large Scale Sound Module

A low cost sound module for the larger scale railways: O Gauge, SM32, Gauge 1 & 3 and G Scale. Highly adjustable to suit a wide variety of UK, European and USA locomotives.

Premium versions of Steam, Diesel and Light Industrial now available. . Premium is MyLocoSound's 4th generation of their sound card. It features more recorded sounds instead of synthesized:
Premium Steam: Multiple selectable whistles with adjustable tone, a guard’s whistle, safety valve blow off, steam injector, coal shovelling, rod clank, brake squeal, drain cocks, three Westinghouse brake pumps plus twenty one styles of whistle. For British locos there are Churchward, Bullied, Stanier and Gresley whistles for mainline steam plus narrow gauge single tone (L&B Lyn), a hooter (Talyllyn Dolgoch) and a combination (Festiniog Welsh Pony). For USA locos there are Hancock, American, Nathan, C & O and Reading chime whistles.
A load sensitive chuff is provided which chuffs hard when accelerating, softens when coasting and changes to an overrun sound when slowing down. This chuff can be triggered by the locomotive, if a chuff trigger is fitted, or can be synchronised to the motor so that the chuff timing is correct for the number of cylinders and the speed.
Premium Diesel: Highly adjustable to a wide variety of British, European and USA locomotives Multiple bells and horns, multiple engine types, airbrake release, turbocharger, guard's whistle, brake squeal, engine start/stop. For British locos, engine sounds include EMD710; small and large Sulzer; English Electric "Whistler" and "Growler" plus DMU. Horns include Class 08; HST, Class 45 and Class 66 2 tone; plus an adjustable 2 tone.
Premium Light Industrial: Includes light diesel and petrol engine sounds: 7 engine types, 5 transmissions and 6 horns. The engine sounds are load sensitive being loud when accelerating, softened when coasting and softer still when slowing down. Options are included for "notching up" and for manual gear changes. You can view a demonstration video which covers the major features.

To achieve great realism, MyLocoSound Universal uses a blend of recorded sounds from actual locos with the adjustability of synthesised sound. A handheld remote control is used to make all adjustments and to configure the sound module from outside the locomotive. This remote control is available separatley as only one is needed to work with any number of MyLocoSound modules.

There are 8 versions of the sound module for british steam, universal steam, british diesel, universal diesel, electric, light industrial, tram/railcar and railbus.

Dimensions: 55mm x 32mm x 12mm. Working voltage: 9V - 24V, 24V is an absolute maximum.

Whilst ideal for use with a Micron receiver (e.g. MR603), the MyLocoSound Large Scale Sound Module also works well with simple track powered model railways. On these, the sounds can be triggered in three ways:

  1. the steam whistle and diesel/electric horn can be set to sound automatically when the loco moves off and at timed intervals when running;
  2. trackside magnets and loco mounted reed switches can be used to trigger any of the sounds at selected positions on the railway;
  3. the remote control can be used to trigger any of the sounds, but only from short distances
When triggering from a Micron MR603 receiver, F outputs may be connected directly to the MyLocoSound trigger inputs, P outputs require a series 4k7 ohm resistor to compensate for the 3.3V on the receiver side and 5V on the MyLocoSound side.

Full setup and usage information can be found in the PDF copy of the premium British steam (ver 21K), premium universal steam (ver 21B), premium British diesel (ver 20C), premium universal diesel (ver 20F), premium light industrial (ver 20G), electric (ver 19A) or railbus (ver 19B) instructions.

Premium: £74.00, Standard: £74.00

IR Remote for sound module setup and volume control: £ 9.00

Sound samples: Industrial Diesel